senior capstone projects

Senior Capstone Projects provide students the opportunity & tools needed to engage in the practice of marketing themselves. A collaboration between the English and Innovation Departments, every BCHS senior will build a portfolio website and present their product to a panel of community professionals.

Modern Education Center

Students design and create a portfolio website using raw code or no-code platforms.

Students engage in a industry-led resume development workshop.

Students present their Senior Capstone Project to a panel of community members.

Students gather artifacts of their high school experience specific to their pathway(s) of study and/or in alignment with post-secondary interests.

Students write a narrative of their high school experience around Profile of a Trojan.

Students maintain their website beyond graduation to utilize in their educational and professional endeavors.

Teenagers in Park

the presentation process

Though the projects have substantial value in and of themselves, many students have shared that one of the greatest benefits of the senior capstone project is the feedback received from the community panel. BCHS is sincerely grateful for the investment and sacrifices made by panel members in joining our cause of launching tomorrow's leaders! 

Each panel will consist of at least one Barren County employee and 2-5 community representatives.


15 Minute sessions

Students should expect to spend no more than 10 minutes with the panel.  The panel should spend no more than 5 minutes completing the feedback.  

1.  The student will enter the space and introduce themself.

2.  Each panel member will introduce themself and briefly      describe their industry and/or place of employment.

3.  One panel member will briefly describe what the panel hopes to hear during the presentation.

4.  The student will connect their device to the display and  lead the panel through each page of their digital portfolio.

5.  The student will open the floor to questions regarding their project from the panel.

6.  The panel will ask the provided work-ethics questions to the student.

7.  The student will be dismissed, and the panel will complete the feedback form for the student before asking the next student to enter.

High School Friends

example projects

Elaine Ross, Class of 2022

Connor Lane, Class of 2022

Aimee Clark, Class of 2022

Katelyn Deckard, Class of 2022

Skylar Owen, Class of 2022

Panel feedback be completed by the panel at the time of the presentation.