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Students must complete 4 classes in a pathway to be considered a "Completer" and Transition-Ready.

machinist operator

CIP 48.0503.02

Machine operators are responsible for producing precision machined parts. They measure parts with precision tools in order to make sure certain parts meet predetermined quality and cosmetic standards. When parts have passed inspection, the parts go on to the next phase of production. Machine operators are expected to meet production quotas. The level of documentation required varies, depending on the degree of precision needed for the finished product. Machine operators also need to keep track of the number of units that are scrapped due to various errors.

Complete two credits: 

470913 Fundamentals of Machine Tools-A 

470914 Fundamentals of Machine Tools-B 


Choose two credits from the following: 

470921 Blueprint Reading for Machinists 

470911 Applied Machining I 

470912 Applied Machining II 

470915 Manual Programming 

 470929 Co-op (Machine Tool) OR 

470932 Internship (Machine Tool) 


480110 Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting 

332001 Introduction to 3D Printing Technology 210221 Engineering I

"Being in machine tool has brought me more opportunities than would have in a factory-based job. The skills I have have learned include basic machining and advanced operation. While completing these classes, I recommend getting your Milling Level 1 certification."

- Malachi Wood, 2024


Both courses meet the criteria for the Work Ready Scholarship. 

SKYCTC CMM 110 & 112 - Must be at least a sophomore and meet SKYCTC admission requirements.

industry certifications


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